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What is Wordpress And How Can It Help Me

About WordPress

You might be thinking What is Wordpress all about and How on earth can it Help Me. Well for beginners WordPress is a blogging tool and it is open source tool that manages the content in your blog based on MySQL and PHP.  Wordpress contains many dynamic features such as template system and plug-in architecture. It was established in 2003 started with only tad of code to improve the method of everyday writing. As of December 2011, version 3.0 had been downloaded over 65 million times.


WordPress first emerged in 2003 as a mutual attempt between Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg to build a branch of b2.Fork means developers take a copy of source code from one software package and starts independent development on it, creating a different section of software. WordPress got its name from Christine Selleck Tremoulet.

Some Main Features of Wordpress are

Themes: WordPress bloggers can install and exchange between themes. You can change your website and you can give completely new look to your websites with these free themes, without effecting the content in your website.

Plugins: Wordpress most popular feature is its affluent plugin design that allows developers and users to expand its capability ahead of its extended features that are fraction of the standard set up.

Widgets: Widgets are little unit where users can drag-and-drop content sidebar and functioning of several plugins' comprehensive aptitude. Widgets allow WordPress developers to add functionality to their sites.

WordPress basically in progress as a blogging system, but it has also progressed as dynamic CMS and much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. If you are intending to create your own blog/website then the best choice is nothing but WordPress. Many web designers use Wordpress for their blogs as it is very reliable and opens source blogging tool since it also has amazing features and huge supporting community as well.

WordPress contains a perceptive administration boundary that can be managed by anyone. Using wordpress one can create a post and they can publish it in their website very easily. The best thing about WordPress is it is very flexible and you can modify the theme according to your website requirements and best of all is you can choose the best theme as it offers thousands of free themes to select for your blog/website.

If the individual is still wondering What is Wordpress and How can it Help Me? For them this valuable information helps them to get started. WordPress is a great product. It is user-friendly, very powerful, and flexible. Every blogger needs to follow few instructions before installing wordpress.

1. What is Blogging all about?

 A blog is that, which contains informative contents and links to other websites where you can get instructive articles Blogs can range from political to personal and can contemplate on one constricted topic or a complete series of topics.

2. What is WordPress?

WordPress is publishing software and an open source blogging tool that concentrate on simplicity, speed, use, speed and immense user skill.

3.  Before You Install WordPress

Make sure that your web hosting source executes before installing the wordpress and the necessary conditions and for required skills.

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