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How to Install Wordpress

Wordpress is a popular blogging platform. Under most conditions installing WordPress is a easy process and takes less time. If you are new to blogging and wondering How to Install Wordpress, don’t worry, there are quite a few web hosts presently offer tools to install wordpress automatically. But, many of us like to install by ourselves, if you are one of them then you need to follow the instruction given below, following the instruction will help you install wordpress theme successfully.

How to install Wordpress by yourself

Step 1:  The first step is downloading the files which need to be installed from the WordPress by clicking "Download.tar.gz" or "". With this installation you may get the latest release of WordPress application.

Step 2:  Using public html upload the theme in your hosting folder. You can install the theme through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or you can also install through cPanel/ File Manager/Upload files. Once the installation is finished, the WordPress site will be visible once you visit your website.

Step 3: When you uploaded in cPanel/ File Manager, you can extract the uploaded file just by pressing "Extract". The other option is to extract the file on your computer and then to upload the content in the required folder via FTP.

Step 4: Once the files are extracted in the required folder, create MySQL database. it can be done from cPanel/MySQL Databases.

Step 5: Change the name to wp-config.php from wp-config-sample.php and edit it. Give the details for database connection accordingly.

Step 6: Open the browser:

This will allow you to create your blog, try again if you are unable to open your wp-config.pjp file

Step 7: The process of installation has finished. You can save the administrative username and the password.  Save the admin password as it may help in future to get you into the admin backend.

How to Install WordPress Automatically - Softaculous Installation Tutorial

This article is intended to explain how to exercise Softaculous and educate you to how to install WordPress application in your blog. The process takes very less time and in just matter of a time you will have a completely functional wordpress hosting account.

First, login to cPanel account and locate Softaculous icon below the "Software Services" sector.  The cPanel page is located on lower side and below the "Domains" section.

Once you press Softaculous button, next you will get the page and you get to select application that you like to install. You can observe on the left side of the screen "Blogs" category, press the category and press the WordPress link.

Press install button subsequently that appears on top portion of the screen to identify that you like to execute a latest WordPress installation.

Finally, go into the essential fields like title, administrative username/password, description, administrative e-mail etc. and click on the "Install" button. The fact is, you can delete wp string from directory if you like to have access to your website using the domain name only.  To install the application in any other sub-folder just need to fill the field.

With this you learned How to Install WordPress Manually as well as automatically.

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