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How to Install Wordpress Themes

To create blogs or websites you can use WordPress web software. How to Install Wordpress Themes? This is the question pops out in every new bloggers mind, but it is simple, one can get thousands of themes and plugins that can convert your site into the way you desired to have blog or website.

Theme is a outline for one of the most accepted Blog software’s available, so the new bloggers need not worry on How to Install Wordpress Themes for their websites since they are plenty of free theme available for one to choose the appropriate one to their blog.  You can modify the theme as per your requirements and that matches to your website without even changing the fundamental software functions.

You need to follow few essential steps when you add new theme to Wordpress installation such as

Take out the files before downloading theme archive. During the extraction of the file you must conserve the directory configuration in the records. To get access to host web server you can use FTP client and create your folder in “wp-content/themes” folder in WordPress. For example, a theme named “wp_theme” should be in “wp-content/themes/wp_theme”.

Now let’s get started, How to Install Wordpress ThemesHere’s the tutorial for you, with complete information so even a beginner can easily follow along.

Install WordPress Theme Step 1:

You can choose the theme according to your requirements and then download the WordPress theme and then install. Save the WordPress theme zip file to a place on your computer and do not open it, leave it unzipped.

Install WordPress Theme Step 2:

Log-in to your WordPress dashboard ( Click on the appearance tab and again on themes and then click on install theme.

Install WordPress Theme Step 3:

Once you have located your files, double click it. Further down the page you will see a tab with install on it (click it) that’s it the theme you selected is installed, isn’t simple.

WordPress blogs are popular PHP standard blogs. Though the standard blue style is crisp and clean, it may not contain required qualities. Many users like to mix things up a bit by changing the theme of their blog. This can change the colours, the graphics and even the layout of the page.

If you are a PHP beginner, changing the theme might seem like a frightening method. Fortunately it's quite simple, and you don't even need to know PHP to do it.

How to Install WordPress Theme:

    1. Download  the theme and then unzip the theme
    2.  Once you unzipped the theme Upload it in a files in a theme folder, the theme folder is inside the wordpress content folder also called as  "wp-content" folder
    3.  After uploading login and press "Presentation" located on the top side of the menu bar
  • Click on the new theme you uploaded -- You’re done!!
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